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Our Home Solutions Installation Services

By choosing Andre's Home Solution services for the installation of your digital electronics and networking, you will have the benifit of peace of mind regardless of the complexity of your installation project. Everything that you could dream of to create an aesthetically pleasing home environment will be carried out by qualified installation professionals.

Our Home Solution Technicians

In addition to being known for the quality of their work, our technicians are experienced, as we as being insured.
Our technicians will carry out the installation in your home quickly and efficiently, and the quality of their work will meet your highest expectations. In order to schedule an installation appointment simply contact your Andre's Home Solution reprasentative. You will receive an installation confirmation within 48 hours of your request.

Andre's Total Satisfaction

Andre's will do everything necissary to ensure that your new pruchase accompanies by the selected "Home Solutions" installation meets your expection. We have your well being in mind.