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Andre's Protection Plan

We care about your peace of mind.

Our Promise To You

100% Parts & Labour

For the Duration of your plan. We promise to keep your product performing to manufacturer's specfications for th elength of your plan.

No Deductibles

Unlike Insurance where you pay for services and pay again if you need to use it, our plan has no deductibles.

Authorized Technicians

All service and repairs are preformed by authroized service centres and completed to the specifications of the manufacturer.

Service Guarantee

If we can't solve the problem, you will receive a full refund for the purchase price of your plan.

Terms and Conditions

ANDRE'S WARRANTY LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") AGREES with the original owner of this plan to repair or refund the service charge at the Company's option, the unit or any part(s) of the unit should it become inoperable due to a defect in material or workmanship during the period specified. Such defects will be repaired or replaced without charge for parts or labour to the original plan owner. This plan is between the Company and the original plan owner.

WHAT IS COVERED: In consideration of payment of the service contract price, the Company will furnish labour and replacement parts or pay for same, as is necessary to maintain the product specified in this contract in operating condition during the term of this contract, provided such service is necessitated by product failure during normal usage. It shall be at the sole option of the Company whether parts will be replaced as opposed to being repaired. The term of service contract shall commence upon the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty and shall conclude at the time specified on the contract.

Service will be provided at the Company or at such other location as may be designated by the Company. All products to be serviced must be delivered to and picked up from the service centre designated. Service will be provided during normal business hours. Nothing herein shall obligate the Company to repaid or replace appearance of structural items, including but limited to housing or cabinet and parts thereof, or parts normally designed to be replaced periodically by the purchaser during the life of the product. This contract applies only to the operation of the specified product under conditions for which it was designed, and does not cover loss or damage resulting from external causes such as, but not limited to, defective or inadequate wiring outages as a result of public utility company action or inaction, fire, flood, windstorm, hail, lightning, earthquake, theft, misuse or abuse, or connection to other products not recommended for interconnection by the manufacturer of the product listed above. Purchaser (owner) shall perform all maintenance recommended by the manufacturer to maintain the product in operating condition. Loss or damage resulting from the failure to provide manufacturer recommended maintenance is not covered by this contract. Those items which remain subject to manufacturer's warranty are not covered by this contract and should be pursued by owner with the manufacturer. In no event shall the Company be liable for consequential damages or delay in rending service under this contract, or loss of use during the period that the product is at the repair centre. Parts may be replaced with others of like kind and quality.

This service contract is limited to the basic product listed above not including add on items, peripherals, batteries, battery chargers, stylus, belts, knobs, switches, handles, plastic shelving, doors, antennas, or remote controls.

Wear and tear and the gradual reduction, which reduces operation and performance of the unit, are not considered a defect in material or workmanship.

This plan covers equipment purchased for home or personal use and does not cover equipment used in professional, commercial, or business application unless a fee 3 times the published rate has been paid. In the event the plan owner is entitled In Home Service and the plan owner fails to keep an In Home Service appointment, the plan owner will be responsible to pay the cost of such service call based on the prevailing rate within the industry.

Maximum liability of this plan shall not exceed the purchase price of the original equipment. Each individual breakdown, failure, or damage shall be adjusted on a replacement cost basis.

The Company cannot be held responsible should original manufacturer cease operation and parts become unavailable. The Company's sole liability lies only in refunding the original fee paid for this plan.

WHAT TO DO IF COVERED PRODUCT REQUIRES SERVICE: First call the Company and explain the problem. You then will be directed to an authorized service centre. NOTE: Unauthorized repairs may void this agreement. You must provide the care and maintenance recommended by the manufacturer's warranty or limited warranty as the case may be: you may be directed to a factory authorized service centre. The Company reserves the right to inspect the covered product from time to time.

ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This instrument sets forth the entire agreement between the parties and no representation promise or condition not contained shall modify these terms.

If no defect is found or the repairs are denied by the Company due to an unwarrantable item, the plan owner is responsible for the cost incurred.